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My Approach to Healthy Weight Loss

“There is only one rule to achieving optimal health, fitness, and body change – that rule,
  -Dr. Jade Teta


Losing weight does not require measuring your meals and counting calories. Learn a SMARTER way to good nutrition that does NOT require giving up all the foods you love!


Effective Exercise

You don’t need to exercise longer, just SMARTER. Do the exercises that fit into your schedule and that will help you reach your goals.

Habits, Planning & Accountability

The truth is, most of us know what we SHOULD be doing, but sometimes breaking it down into manageable pieces it tough.  Coaching not only helps give yo a plan, but holds you ACCOUNTABLE for that plan.


Yes, you must control how much you eat in order to lose weight… balancing your hormones will help to make this so much easier and not leave you craving that entire box of cookies.


Improve your relationship with food. Get away from the negative self talk.  Love yourself for who you are and where you are in the journey, while still making strides to reach your goals. Without the right mindset you can NOT get off the diet roller coaster.


Weight loss does not happen in a vacuum.  All aspects of your life, such as sleep and stress, play a role in your ability to lose weight.

BS Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Certified Nutrition Coach, PN1

Kickboxing Instructor

Krav Maga Assistant Instructor

Apprentice Black Belt, Krav Maga

Hi!  I’m K.T. 

I started my first diet when I was twelve years old. Twenty years and about 50 diets later, I finally realized that I needed off the diet roller coaster for good.

You think your metabolism is broken, or that you will NEVER lose the baby weight. Every time a new diet comes out you hope with all your might that THIS WILL BE THE ONE! Your friends all seem to drop the pounds quickly, while you struggle day to day. You’re tired of restricting the foods you love and not getting results. Tired of thinking about every damn bite you take. Tired of being tired.

I have good news for you … you can transform your body and your relationship with food. You have the power, you are a badass!

I started SMARTER Health because I want to help women like you not only learn to love themselves, but finally lose the weight without giving up the foods & drinks they love and without gaining it all back a year later.

Let’s talk and see if coaching is right for you!

K.T. Myles

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